5 Simple Hacks for Saving Time on Laundry

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

This post was sponsored by Whirlpool. These items were generously donated in exchange for coverage but all opinions and copy are my own.

As many of you know, I recently gave birth to our fourth child, Joshua.  I was feeling like I was drowning in piles of laundry even before he made his grand debut.  Adding another member to our family has really increased the amount of laundry we do.  The laundry seems to breed more laundry overnight.  And then, in comes the overwhelm of the endless to-do list and feeling as though laundry is consuming ALL of my free time — can you relate? 

Time is so valuable, whether you stay at home, work from home or work outside the home. Since becoming a mom, I have done all three at some point in my motherhood journey and the constant struggle for me was keeping on top of laundry. I developed some tips that have helped me cut down time washing, sorting, and folding laundry.   Our schedules seem even more packed than ever before, with two different school drop offs, swim lessons, soccer, Girl Scouts, and more. We desperately needed some strategies to tackle the piles of clothes and sheets that were building up every day.  

Do a load a day

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. You can cut down on the overwhelm by simply breaking up the loads and doing a load a day.  You may feel like this makes more work, but in reality, it beats the feeling of being buried under to-do lists (priceless!) and cuts down the task in sizable chunks that you can actually complete. 

I have placed laundry bins in our room and each of the kid’s rooms.  A system that has worked for me is that I rotate whose laundry I do that day and then that laundry pile is not mixed in with someone else’s laundry. This also cuts down on time spent sorting the laundry from child to child.  I’m of the mindset, “sort first, wash later”.  I personally love the hampers that have the dividers of dark and whites.  When the bin is full, we do a load accordingly.  Having dividers saves time sorting clothing at the washer and dryer.   Mesh bags for baby socks can also be extremely helpful. It is nice to have them all in one place and they don’t disappear (to who knows where). 

If you have a smaller family, consider doing a load every other day. Especially if you have a large capacity washer and dryer. Which leads me to my next tip…

Invest in a large capacity washer and dryer

If you want to spend less time at the washer and dryer, consider investing in a large capacity washer and dryer. We recently upgraded from our twenty-year-old washer and dryer combo to the Whirlpool® Smart Front Load Laundry Pair and one thing we were amazed at was how more efficient it was at washing and drying more laundry at one time.  For us, that meant less trips up and down the stairs, less time loading and unloading, and more time to enjoy with the family.  If you are struggling to keep up, it might be time to invest in bigger appliances that will cater to your family size. 


Don’t add detergent every time with Load & Go™ Dispenser

One of my absolute favorite features of the new Whirlpool® Smart Front Load Laundry Pair is that you can skip adding detergent every single time.  You can preload the detergent for up to 40 loads*with the Load & Go™ XL Plus Detergent Dispenser,essentially skipping a step when washing your family’s clothing. 

The dispenser knows the exact amount of soap to use based on the size and weight of each load, so I can skip tediously measuring or guessing how much detergent is correct. You wouldn’t believe how much time this is saving me, and I can use that time to knock more off my to-do list. I’ll even get notifications when it’s time to refill through the Whirlpool® laundry app**.  How easy, right? It’s one less thing to think about when doing your laundry! Just fill the washer like shown and then enjoy not having to refill your detergent for up to 40 loads* - it’s such a HUGE timesaver!

Use a timer or benefit from smart technology that sends alerts to your phone when the wash or dry cycle is complete

Technology really can save SO MUCH time! And having smart technology appliances can streamline the process of doing laundry from start to finish. One thing I love about our new Whirlpool® Smart Front Load Laundry Pair is that it will send alerts to my phone** when the cycle is complete.  The latest in voice control technology lets me have hands-free control of my Whirlpool® washer and dryer from anywhere in my house through a voice-enabled device**. I can start the machine and instruct my laundry pair to wash or dry my current load on a specific setting – such as permanent press or brights – without lifting a finger with the voice control technology.  

Another thing I am loving is the Whirlpool® app, which gives me complete control of my my washer and dryer from anywhere using a smartphone (or tablet)**.  It gives me the flexibility to manage laundry even when away from home when I am running errands.  I can track how much time is left on a load or remotely begin a cycle on the app. How great is that when you need that soccer uniform clean right before the soccer game? 

There are other fun features in the app that save time and sanity. The ability to schedule** a wash cycle and tell the washer on the app when I will be home so it will be ready to go has saved me in a pinch.  I can delegate laundry tasks amongst other family members, such as transferring a load or folding and hanging laundry once done, directly within the app**.  This is a great way to save time and take the burden off yourself.  The access to The Stain Guide*** is great — it helps me identify how to treat stains on common fabric types, from spaghetti sauce, to mustard or grass, to help me lessen the amount of time I spend pre-treating clothing and doing laundry.


Teach your children how to fold and put away laundry

If your children are old enough, bring them in on the process of laundry. Even my five-year-old can fold and sort laundry to put away.  She loves pairing socks together and we make it a bit of a game.  My two-year-old knows to put her dirty clothing in the laundry hamper before we start bath time. We make it part of our daily routine and the kids have picked up some very simple habits.  As the kids get older, we will hand off more and more responsibility to them.  My hope is that by the time they turn eighteen, they will be able to feel confident doing their own laundry away from home. 

Bringing in your kids on the process of sorting, loading the washer and dryer, and folding clothing not only teaches them important skills, but also can save you time and stress in the long haul of not doing it all on your own. 

What are some tips that have helped you? Leave a comment below!

*Based on an 8-lb load. Actual dispenser capacity varies by model.

**Appliance must be set to remote enable. WiFi & App Required. Features subject to change. Details and privacy info at whirlpool.com/connect.

***Select stains only



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