Joshua's Newborn Photography Session

Although I received these photos just a few weeks after they were taken, it has taken me this long to share them on the blog! I am so thrilled with how these newborn photos of him turned out. Joshua has already grown so much and has moved up into his 3 month size outfits. Looking back at these photos, I see how truly tiny he was! I am so happy I decided to have newborn photos taken of my "Little Red". Joshua is our 4th and last biological child we will have (if we had any others it would be through fostering or adoption) and I went back and forth about getting them taken. I am so so SO glad I had them done with Candice. We will have these precious photos of this moment in time captured for a lifetime. If you are on the fence about newborn photos, I say GO FOR IT. You will never get that time back and they will never be that teenie tiny again.

If you live in the Southern California area and are looking for a newborn photographer, look no further than Candice Swanson Photography. She is located in Huntington Beach / Westminster area and has her own little studio set up with all you need. All you need to do is show up with your little one and she handles the outfit changes and props while you relax nearby!

I contacted Candice while I was still pregnant, sent her a deposit and we touched base after Joshua was born. At ten days old, Candice captured these precious photos of him. How I love all of them! Beforehand, she had asked what colors I liked or what photos coordinated with his nursery. Currently, I love rusts and browns so I mentioned that to her and she also suggested blue to make his unique hair color pop. As it turned out, I love the photos of him wrapped up in the blue swaddle the best! I mean, just look at this little bundle!

My mom and daughter Penny joined me for Joshua's newborn photography session. In Candice's studio, we relaxed and watched a Hallmark Channel movie while Candice worked her newborn baby magic. She effortlessly captured so many stunning photos. Another aspect of the experience I loved was that she took photos of Penelope with Joshua, photos of me with Joshua, photos of my mom with Joshua and group shots at no extra cost. I will truly treasure these family newborn photos forever.

To set up your newborn photography session in Orange County CA with Candice Swanson, see her website: and click on the tab "Contact".

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