26 Week Bump Update with Pregnancy Number 4

For those who didn't know, I am pregnant with baby number four. This time, I am over 35 and so my doctor pushed for ALL the genetic tests. Thankfully those tests came back clear and it appears that I am growing a very healthy, baby.

How did you decide when you were done having children? It feels like a decision that is very unique to every family and involves many factors. I felt pretty complete with three children, but my husband really wanted one more, a son and little brother for Luke. The conversation would always include yours truly saying “You can’t plan or guarantee a gender”, but personally I would have absolutely adored having another little girl. So we decided to go for it and we got our baby BOY.

Without a doubt, our children have been the biggest blessing in our lives. My last request in our decision to have one more was to have the birth with South Coast Midwifery as I did with Sienna. I have had a water birth with my first Sienna and two hospital births with Luke and Penelope, but the water birth with midwives was truly an empowering birth experience for me. It was my favorite birth experience and I dreamed about doing it again. I was a mess of happy tears today when we made the final decision to go with them again today. ALL births are beautiful, regardless of where and how they happen.

The biggest change will be for my youngest, Penelope. She has been the baby now for two and a half years and my sweetheart. She often points to my belly and says "Baby in there" and "When baby come out, I hold it". It melts my heart. She has been ALL about her baby doll lately and even though she is potty trained, her baby doll must have a diaper on at all times!

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