4 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

In honor of National Pet Month this month, I’m sharing tips for those considering pet adoption! After all, those lovable, furry pets are truly man’s (and woman’s) best friend!

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There are truly only a few things more special in life than the bond you will create with your pet. We adopted Bentley three years ago and he has been like another family member to our home. I can’t imagine our little family with his little wagging tail in it.

Are you considering adopting a pet? Take your time with your decision. There are many benefits from adopting from a shelter or rescue versus purchasing from a pet store. You are preventing a dog from being put to sleep. There are many things to consider in the process of pet adoption: layout and space of your home, breed of your dog, prior health of dog, how many hours you are available at home. Worried about pet messes and odor? Don’t sweat it! I will share tips on how to make cleanup of your pet simple and easy.

Layout and Space of your Home

Before considering adoption of a pet, consider the layout of your home. If you are looking into adopting a cat, you may not need outdoor space like you would adopting a dog. In general, during the home visit, they look for a gated off backyard and a high enough fence that would prohibit your pet from escaping.

As far as inside space, you will want to make sure your pet has a place to sleep that is warm and dry. Will they be sleeping in their crate? Will they be sleeping upstairs, downstairs or in your bedroom. All things to consider and plans may change when you finally adopt your pet. We decided to keep Bentley out of our bedroom (totally a personal choice!) and crate-trained our dog. He loves his crate because we put a soft, fluffy blanket in there. Someone also gave us the tip to feed him in his meals in his crate, so it truly is his happy place. When it is time for bed, he knows exactly where to go.

At Home Availability

Before you commit to adopting a pet, consider the time you are away from home. Do you have an especially demanding job that makes for long days? Consider the time you will need to walk your dog and feed them two meals. There have been times in my life where I worked too many hours a week at my job and there is no way that I could have kept up with the responsibility to feed, walk and love a pet.

Feeding your pet at consistent times can be important. Bentley will start to get excited about a half hour before dinner because his internal alarm clock is going off that it is time for dinner. We also have a routine for our walks. A consistent schedule can help your pet feel secure and loved.

Pet Adoption Fees

On average, and depending where you live , it may be between $20 to $500 depending on the kind of animal you’ll be adopting, the breed, age, history, and other factors.

If you feel the pet adoption fees are too expensive, consider the cost of their care prior to adoption. They come with a clean bill of health and are up to date with health checks, shots, microchip tagging and are spayed/neutered.

Adoption fees are often a mere fraction of the cost of all these services provided to you. The fee you pay is often spent on helping other animals , shelter upkeep or other expenses related to the rescue pets.

Breed and Prior Health of Pet

It is important to consider and read up on the prior health history and the breed of your pet. When we adopted Bentley, we knew he had some health issues. We adopted him from a “last hope” rescue. He was a beautiful dog and won our hearts right away. When he was young, he contracted Parvo and barely lived. His gut and skin have had issues because of all the life-saving medication he took at that time. His skin issues cause him to flake large pieces of dander/skin. After multiple trips to the vet, we learned that he will unfortunately have to be on medication the rest of his life. Being newbies at pet adoption, we hadn’t really considered the time and cost of a prior health issue. Would we change our choice of adopting him? Absolutely not. However, it is definitely something to consider and think about when you do adopt a pet.

Grooming, Mess, and Pet Odor

Like I mentioned before, don’t sweat the mess of your pet! I have a couple tips to make pet clean up a breeze, but you will want to read these, especially if you are new to pet ownership.

Grooming your pet is very important. Brushing your cat or dog’s fur prevents matting and increases circulation to their skin. Spending this time with your pet can also allow for you and your pet to bond. We shampoo Bentley one to two times a week because of his skin condition, but you may be able to get away with washing your pet less often.

We love our sweet Bentley, but boy, is he MESSY. Prepare yourself for pet dander, pet hair and odor. I have found a few amazing solutions to make clean up quick and stress-free as possible.

Start with dusting and move around the room from ceiling to the floor, so I don’t drop dust on places that I have already dusted. The Swiffer Dusters are great for picking up fine dust particles that land on your shelves and furniture. They are made with Dust Lock Adhesive™ and 50% more fibers than regular dusters, so it can grab and lock up to three times more dust than a feather duster. Those fluffy fibers get in nearly any nook and cranny to pick up even the smallest amount of pet dander. All Swiffer products are safe for use in households with pets! For an added light scent, look for the Swiffer Duster Pet Refills.

After dusting, use the Swiffer WetJet All-in-one system and Swiffer Sweeper for hardwood and tile floors to pick up all the excess dirt your pet may have tracked in from outside. You will be able to clean floors thoroughly using cleaning solutions specially formulated to break up and dissolve tough messes. The best part? Once you are done, you simply toss the Swiffer pad and you are ready for the next mess. Such a time saver!

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