7 Tips for Easy Household Cleaning

We are in the midst of winter here in California, means heavy rains and many indoor days. Rain days here are like the rest of the country’s snow days. Anyone else start cleaning when you are housebound? My attention had been shifted to the home and I have been slowly making my way through house giving neglected areas a deep clean. As a full-time mom, I also want to eliminate the non-essential and streamline the process of cleaning, as well as switch to better-for-you formulas.

In this post, I’d like to share with you seven must-haves and household hacks for easy cleaning around the house. I recommend bookmarking this post to refer back to!

Invest in a Microfiber Cloth: I use a microfiber cloth with water to wipe down windows and other class surfaces. A quality microfiber cloth will clean those streaks on your windows and leave them looking flawless. My dad recently remarked on how clean the windows looked recently. I had just cleaned all the little toddler hand prints off before he came to visit! I also use my microfiber cloth on the outside of the microwave, the china cabinet windows, and mirrors in the bathrooms.

Switch to Simple Formulas Around the House:

Let me “dish” on what we have been loving around our home. We have loyally been buying Cascade Advanced Power dish detergent for years now. I am brand loyal to only a few companies and Cascade is definitely one of them. I’ve tried other detergents and my dishes always looked as dirty as they were before I started the load. When I heard that Cascade was coming out with their new Cascade pure essentials available at Target, I wanted to find out more. I have been going through my products in my household one-by-one and replacing them as we use them with simple formulas and I’m so happy with the results of Cascade pure essentials ActionPacs. It is now on my must-have list. The simplified ⅓ bio-based formula has no phosphates and no chlorine bleach! The pods are easy: one pod for one load. And the orange blossom scent is wonderful. Not only that, the formula performs and lives up to the Cascade brand name. Cascade pure essentials is now available at Target. From now until 3/30/2019, you can receive $1 off Cascade pure essentials with Cartwheel coupon here - one time use only.

Add Essential Oils to Your Cleaning Routine:

I love using a steam mop for the tile floors and adding some lemon essential oil to the water. The fresh scent of oil disperses throughout the house. I also add citronella, rosemary or tea tree oil to my vacuum filter to deodorize and purify the air as you clean your carpets. The smell is heavenly and lasts a few days.

Make Lemon and Vinegar Ice Cubes to Clean Your Garbage Disposal:

This is such a great hack! A friend told me about this one. Use an ice cube try to freeze vinegar and a slice of lemon. Simply pop out and grind in the garbage disposal when it gets smelly.

Use a Dryer Sheet to Clean Your Oven Rack:

Another great cleaning hack is to take a dryer sheet. Have you tried it? It works! All the crusty stuff on your oven rack will come right off.

Invest in Some Wool Dryer Balls:

I recently tried out dryer balls and I love them! They save about 50% of the time your clothing needs to be in the dryer. It is a great way to save time and money. Invest in a white and black one. White for white-colored clothing and black for colored clothing. You can also purchase a grey dryer ball for mixed-colors.

Use Vinegar as an All-purpose Cleaner:

If you want to learn a little DIY natural cleaning secret, Vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner for most surfaces! Mix one part vinegar to three parts water in a spray bottle. If you would like to add a little strength to your cleaner, give a squirt of dish soap. It will even clean the lime off your shower heads.

If you enjoyed these tips, please leave a comment below! I would love to hear what you tried and how it has helped you.

This blog post was sponsored by Cascade, but all opinions are my own.

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