Daily Affirmations for You, Mama

It wasn't up until just a few years ago that I realized I wrestled with anxiety. I see the signs now when I look at my life over the years. I would constantly be lost in worry, overthinking many things, and feel a deep sense of fear over situations that hadn't happened, but might. Yet the thought of saying daily affirmations would make me laugh (and cringe a little) as I pictured some fragile person citing them to a mirror before work. However, the truth is that we create our lives through action and each action starts with a thought. What if we could control that thought through training our brain?

Today I watched a clip of Tony Robbins change several people's belief system through changing their body movements and speech in the YouTube video How To Break Your Negative Thinking. I recommend watching the video if you haven't seen it. Also, I talked to my brother yesterday about how he has used affirmations for several months and has seen major change occur in his life. In fact, his entire belief system, his demeanor, and what he allows to happen in his life has completely changed. Things that were once far off, are completely coming to fruition in his life. Perhaps there is REALLY is some power in manifestation. If our speech and body align with our vision, then our brain subconsciously searches for the path to create that reality.

An affirmation is really anything you say or think. Often we say a lot negative things to ourselves that will not enhance the way we experience life. An affirmation can act as an open door and beginning point to change. We can retrain our brain with speech and thought that will shape positive patterns and outcomes. Essentially we say to our subconscious mind that we take responsibility for creating change. All of our self-talk, every word, every thought is an affirmation. You may or may not be aware that you are affirming and creating your experiences in your life, right now.

Let me clear something up.... you are not a horrible person for thinking what you do. You may have never learned to think and talk in a way that actually serves you. Those patterns may have been passed down to you as a child. When you get in a pattern of feeling angry, you are affirming that you want more anger in your life. When you feel like you were taken advantage of, you will continue to see examples of being taken advantage of in your life. The good news is you can begin to create your life in a way that supports and creates more joy in your life. You choose the way you think. It's really that simple. It is a choice.

Although you may want to write some affirmations specific to you, you can start with the ones below. It helps to say them out loud... mirror optional.

1. I am strong, brave and all I need is within me.

2. I appreciate my life, my children, and my family.

3. I have the power to create lasting change in my life.

4. I will make memories and play with my children.

5. I have the ability to change negatives into positives.

6. There is beauty all around me.

7. I am patient with myself and my children.

8. I have all the time I need today.

9. I am the exact mom my children need.

10. I do not need anyone's permission to feel amazing.

11. My family sees the best in me and I see the best in others.

12. I am an intentional parent, wife and friend.

13. I do not expect to be a perfect mom.

14. Failing is just a way of learning and learning is an incredible tool.

15. I feel comfortable in my own skin.

16. I am doing my best and that is enough.

17. Happiness is my choice.

18. I will turn away from judgement today.

19. I choose to take care of myself and put on my oxygen mask first.

20. I am a wonderful wife and mother.

21. I love myself.

22. I am more than enough.



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