Quinn Popcorn - The Pure Popcorn

Some days just call for a movie and popcorn. And sometimes those days include a special date time with Sienna while the other two kiddos nap. It brings me back to that days when it was just her and I spending our days together before her siblings come along.

"Cop-corn! Cop-Corn! Mama, can we make cop-corn?" Her eyes will light up for the crunchy puffs she has come to love for a movie snack. I've always loved microwave popcorn, but a few years ago, I read an article about how harmful some of the chemicals, additives and plastic coatings in microwave popcorn. I stopped consuming microwave popcorn, but oh how I missed it!

I recently discovered Quinn's Pure PopTM has nothing artificial EVER, and best of all, the bag is chemical, plastic and susceptor free. The paper used in the Pure Pop bag is even compostable. They have a wide variety of flavors from Aged Parmesan & Rosemary, Cheddar, Truffle Butter, and Butter & Sea Salt. My personal favorite was Vermont Maple & Sea Salt. All of Quinn's Pure PopTM popcorns are made from Non-GMO popcorn.

With each box, there are 1 or 2 ingredient pouches, depending on the flavor. They are applies after popping the kernels, meaning that the oils and butter are never microwaved. The oils and natural ingredients are never heated which leads to a cleaner, great tasting popcorn. This was a fun step for Sienna to help out with.

One thing that stood out to me about the bag, was that is was clear. I felt at ease knowing there were no plastics in the bag that we might possibly consume. Ingredients are easy to pour on after the bag is popped. Sienna loves helping with this step. You can even pour the toppings into the bag and give it a good shake!

Next up, time to enjoy our tasty snack together with Bentley cozied up nearby.

Two thumbs up for non-GMO Quinn's Pure PopTM Popcorn. There are eight delicious flavors to try!

For the Quinn's Pure PopTM available for purchase, click here and store locator click here.



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