Our Day Trip to Laguna Beach

Most mornings it can be some difficult to get going and out the door. Managing the lives of a 4, 2 and 1 year old is no joke; some days it feels like there is no coffee strong enough and no vitamin potent enough to match their energy level. However, getting out the door and planning a day out is well worth the effort. The kids enjoy and experience something new, expend some energy, and they seem to fight less with each other. The new sights to behold, new sand to drizzle though their tiny hands, and the sweet salty air are their playground of entertainment.

We packed a little picnic and went down to Laguna Beach for the day. Usually Laguna Beach is a hustling and bustling place, but parking was a breeze on a Monday morning around 9am. We met up with a local Laguna Beach photographer we booked through Shoot My Travel. Mary met us near the iconic Laguna Beach lifeguard tower and gave us a little tour of the beach, boardwalk and installation artwork near the beach. Booking our photoshoot through Shoot My Travel was so easy and seamless! The website was easy to find a destination you might travel to and I couldn't believe they had over 250 photographers all over the world - Europe, Asia, South America, Hawaii, you name it! It is such an easy and reasonably priced way to remember a trip and have keepsake photos to hold onto forever.

We stopped for a little picnic and enjoyed a snack and the kids learned about the waves from Mary. She was a fabulous story teller and the children were drawn to her. Sienna was particularly fascinated by how big the waves were that day. She had only been to baby beaches in Newport and Dana Point or the lake near our house. We made sure to keep a safe distance. She remarked, " The waves are moving a lot and just need to get their wiggles out!"

Near the South end of the main beach, there is a little park. The kids enjoyed swinging, climbing, and exploring, all while enjoying the spectacular ocean views.

I couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out! Thank you Shoot My Travel for a wonderful experience.

Also, I'll be compiling a summer bucket list soon. What is on your summer bucket list? Leave a comment below!



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