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Lately I have been feeling like my head is almost below water. Juggling three kids four and under, a part time teaching position at a local community college and full time mommin'. I've come to grips with the fact the house will not be clean for years. I've been at least a little tired everyday - despite adding exercise and a better diet into my routine.

So what has helped me? Simplifying. Saying no to more things to be present for the important things. Saying yes to convenience, but not sacrificing health and wellness.

I stumbled upon Raised Real and I was intrigued by their service. They offer a service to send twenty fresh frozen meals for your tiny human ages 6 months to 2 years delivered right to your door every two weeks. These nutritionally balanced meals are plant based and big

8 allergen free. What I love most - the full disclosure. You can see the ingredients right through the package. You never have to wonder what you are feeding your beautiful kiddo.

Raised Real's meals are formulated to support developmental functions and nutrients are paired together to be safely absorbed. They add spices and texture to boost palate development. With healthy fats and natural proteins, you can blend them or offer as finger food.

Fresh ingredients just make everything better. Don’t you just feel better when you eat fresh? I definitely want that for my little Penny too. 👶🏻

Raised Real offers a service to bring you 20 organically sourced, BPA free packaging and pre-portioned baby meals delivered right to your door every two weeks. They curate each box for you and promise to deliver meals with healthy fats, proteins and less than 9 grams of sugar so your baby can have food that supports brain and muscle development, vision, bone health, heart function, and a strong immune system. So steam, blend, or use as finger food!

Go to www.RaisedReal.com. Use code MALIA for $10 off your first order!

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