Running with Night Tech Shoe Lights

Running has been a part of who I am for several decades now - I began running track in Junior High and was encouraged to try Cross Country in High School. It was there in that time between girl and woman, that I fell in love with running. People often talk about "flow", a place where they get in a groove and lose themselves in something, but yet come alive - running is that place for me.

As my family has grown and I have added three little ones to my family, it has been harder and harder to squeeze in my runs. Often it means running as it is getting dark or after the sun goes down. Several concerns come into factor when running at night - visibility for my running path and my personal safety of being seen by drivers while running in a suburban area.

Night Trek Gear sent me a pair of Night Trek Shoe Lights to try. As the first product of its kind, the patented Night Trek 270 offers precision lighting, safety and visibility for any outdoor activity performed in the evening after the sun has gone down.

I felt a little geeked out first wearing them, but after I got over myself, I enjoyed how they lit up my pathway and also made me visible to oncoming traffic. It made me feel comfortable with the thought of running at night more often.

Night Trek Shoe Lights feature two ultra-light shoe lights that illuminate your path while a red rear-facing tail light keeps you visible from all sides. They are fortified weather-proof, high impact and rugged - with a clip that is mounted on a secure, adjustable shoelace clip.

Night Trek Shoe Lights would be great for anyone who loves running or make a great gift for that runner in your life. Whether you are running around the block like me, walking the dog, or hiking the Appalachian Trail, Night Trek Shoe Lights make your adventure safe and enjoyable. You can find them here on Amazon or at their online store.



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