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A couple weeks ago, I was invited to the premiere screening of Best Mom Film at the Hollywood Film Festival. I was drawn to the movie because the tagline "Motherhood is a failure-based art form". Much of what I try to convey on my blog and my Instagram resonated with that one line. In motherhood you will fail. Failure is part of the process.

Ami Veeravalli, Meg Weidner, Malia V. (me) and Becky P.

The movie is a story of a mom trying her hardest to be the "Best Mom". She volunteers for extra things at her daughter's school, tries to be the "fun mom", attempts to create the best Pinterest-style present for her daughters friend, all while juggling an increasingly demanding job and struggles to make meals that don't burn. Try as she might, her daughter is not impressed and you can see their connection unravel on-screen.

I can really relate to how the lead character feels in the movie. We want to be the absolute "Best Mom" for our kids, but often feel like we are missing the mark. Shame circles around from both external and internal sources giving us those messages that we are the worst mom and we are left feeling like a complete and utter failure. Additionally, there is nothing is more painful than to see your failure through the eyes of your child. A beautiful turning point in the movie is when the lead character, played by writer Meg Weidner, decides to join an Improv class. At first she feels she doesn't belong, but then she understands and sees the connection of her improv classes and being a mom. Improv and motherhood are both failure-based art forms.

Recently, I shared a post on my instagram and included the line: "I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING. And that is okay." This film expressed that universal feeling of failure and overwhelm.... of flying by the seat of our pants, being tossed balls, but dropping oh-so-many of them. By the end of the film you realize that the failures can lead to great connections with your family.

If you are a mom, or have a mom, I highly recommend seeing this beautiful and touching movie.

Meg Weidner was the sweetest and kindest soul!

The first screening was incredibly exciting. I met the writer and lead actress of the film, Meg Weidner, as well as the director Kuang Lee and other actors/actresses in the film. I loved that Meg was down to earth, approachable and an Orange County resident. In fact, the majority of the movie was filmed at her house in just 15 days!

Meg Weidner with her on-screen daughter.

Photo with the director Kuang Lee.

If you get a chance to see the film, leave me a comment below to let me know what you thought!

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