Tips for Managing Two in Diapers

This blog post has been sponsored by Safeway/Albertsons, but all opinions are my own.

One moment that will forever be stamped in my brain was the moment my husband and I looked down at a pregnancy test and saw two strong lines. No, this wasn’t the time we became first time parents, although that was a special memory in and of itself. This moment in time, I had just had a baby and he was only seven months old. My oldest child had barely turned two. How would we handle two in diapers…. AGAIN? Having three children we would be outnumbered. Many questions ran through my mind at this moment and I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle another child in our life. We had planned to keep the door open for a third child and this little one swung the door wide open and waltzed in.

After the initial shock (and some tears of feeling overwhelmed), we were excited. When Penelope entered our world, it felt as if she was always meant to be here. And now, I would never want to go back to a life without her in it. We have developed some strategies for handling three small kiddos under the age of four.

Here are just a few tips I can give you to organize diaper changing when you have two children in diapers:

  1. Make sure to have a deep stockpile of Signature CareTM diapers on hand. It was extremely convenient to pick up extra diapers at the Albertsons just a mile down the road from us. Groceries and diapers in one stop. Can’t beat that!

  2. Have a diaper station upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs we use a long dresser in one of the kids rooms with a portable diaper caddy to be able to freely move from room to room as needed. Downstairs I set up a semi-permanent diaper station that I could use (as well as my mama friends that come over). Stock each station with diapers in each child’s size, wipes, and ointment.

  3. Always check your diaper bag before you leave the house to make sure you have diapers in each child’s size. Seems like a no brainer, but it running out of one child’s diapers size happens more than I would like to confess.

  4. Seek diapers and wipes that give you value for your money. Signature CareTM offers an affordable diaper that pull through with the qualities you need in a diaper.

Signature CareTM diapers offer 12-hour leak protection with a wetness indicator, which make them a perfect choice for both day and night diapers. We tried them out for Penny and they lasted all night with no leaks! They have soft-stretch waist and side panels that give a flexible, comfortable closure around baby’s body. I’m so happy they aren’t scratchy or leave indent marks on her skin. I was so surprised at how soft they feel compared to some of the big name brand diapers.

Signature CareTM sensitive baby wipes are surprisingly large and super soft. One of my pet peeves happens to be baby wipes that disinegrate when you use them… you know those ones that smear rather than clean? Yeah, these wipes don’t do that. Plus, they are hypoallergenic and contain aloe extract and Vitamin E. All of my kids were *blessed* with very sensitive skin. These wipes don’t irritate Penny or Luke’s skin – such a win!

Soon after he turned two, Luke showed an interest in the potty. He started to announce “I go poo-poo” in his diaper. And he wants to sit on the potty like his big sister does before bath time. We started using Signature CareTM Training Pants with him. The Kiddie Ups have day and night leakage protection and have the look and feel of underwear. I love that they have fun prints, like unicorns for girls and dinosaurs for boys.

Signature CareTM Baby Products are found at Safeway, Albertsons or Vons depending where you live.

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