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Most mornings, I try to get out the door with all three kiddos and my mind is going in a several directions. Anyone relate? Annnnnd the kids are physically diverging in multiple directions. On top of that, being a creative person, I need all the help I can get in the organization department.

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Yep, I've left the house only to realize I forgot to restock wipes - and then the inevitable poop of the century blowout occurs. Or I forget to pack snacks. *Cue kids melting down in the backseat. * And then mama melting down.

Two things that have helped me be successful in setting the day up for organizational victory are:

1) I set my alarm before the kids wake up.

Getting up before the kids wake up helps me assess my to-do list for the day and I have a higher chance for the day going well or at least better. It's the calm before the storm - use the opportunity to prepare.

2) I organize my items beforehand.

Having my items prepared the day before, the night before or in the morning before the kids wake up helps me feel ready to grab the day by the horns. I make a list of all the items I will need, including what is included in the list below.

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One of my favorite organizational items recently as been this Tote Savvy organizer. It turns your purse into your diaper bag and catch all hub. I love all the 11 pockets and the ability to switch it into another bag so easily. It comes comes complete with a washable changing mat, key clasp, a cell phone pocket, insulated pocket, and flat pocket and made of a water resistant fabric. Also, I feel like a real person! It's so fun to wear my adorable purse and still have my diaper bag essentials with me.

With two babies in diapers, having a well-organized and maintained diaper bag is essential to calming the chaos. I came up with a list below and here is the list in PDF form. Feel free to print it, laminate it and keep it in your diaper bag.


Always in your bag – RESTOCK when needed:

  • Diapers

  • Wipes

  • Sippy Cup or bottle

  • Bib and Burp cloths

  • Extra Outfit

  • Dirty Diaper bag - I love Wander Wet Bags. They are reusable and washable.

Keep In Your Diaper Bag:

  • Changing Pad

  • Nursing cover or blanket

  • Pacifier

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Toys/Books

First Aid Items:

  • Bandaids

  • Thermometer

  • Vaseline

  • Infant Ibuprofen or Tylenol

  • Diaper Cream

  • Nose Frida or bulb syringe

  • Nail Clippers

Items for Mama:

  • Keys

  • Phone

  • Wallet

  • Snacks for you and baby

  • Nursing Pads

  • Water Bottle

Hope this list is helpful for you. I seriously have the list laminated and in my bag and it has been a lifesaver!

Did I miss any essentials? Comment below with any items I may have missed.

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