Celebrate Baby's 1st Birthday with Milestone Baby

Babies sure seem to remind you how fleeting time really is. Looking back, I wish I took more photos of my children as babies - and I took A LOT of photos! Especially of those special celebrations and events. My brain often seems to fail me, but photos inevitably trigger the memory for me. Milestone Baby cards are wonderful for remembering a special moment in time. I have been using the Original Cards to track Penelope's first year of growth. I love how they are like scrapbooking, yet all the elements of the date and caption are captured within a photo - so easy, creative and fun!

Milestone Baby releases a line of Special Moment Booklets today. Each booklet contains six cards to document those beautiful memories of celebrations: Baby's First Fashion Moments, Baby's First Holiday Moments, Baby's First Celebration Moments, Baby's First Travel Moments, Baby's First Foodie Moments, and Baby's First Birthday Moments. Each card has a spot on the bottom that you can fill in the date so you can remember the exact date with each memory captured.

One of my favorite special moments has been the children's first birthdays. There is something about a baby smashing the cake and putting fistfuls into their mouth that is so adorable, right? Baby's First Birthday Booklet has six cards to help capture those wonderful moment's of baby's first birthday including party outfit, birthday cake, party guests, birthday breakfast, and one that says, "Hooray it's my Birthday!"

I'm excited to start planning Penelope's first birthday already. It is in a few short months and it will be here before we know it. I am thinking about an “Under the Sea” theme or possibly letting go of a theme and just have gobs and gobs of flowers – floral crown, floral cake, flower wall, flowers upon flowers. Milestone Baby cards has given me so many ideas on photo opportunities for her birthday. I love that Milestone is like scrapbooking within a photo and that it marks a special moment in time. These little cards help you remember those precious memories that you want to hold onto so tightly.

I simply love how easy these booklets make it for documenting special memories. The illustrations and colors are fun and whimsical. They would make a wonderful gift for yourself and little one, a friend, or for an expecting mom. My first Milestone Baby cards were ones given to me as a gift and they were one of my favorite gifts at my shower!

When did you start planning your little one's special day? What theme did you choose?

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